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dedeji, A. R., Andrews, S. J., Rowlinson, M. J., Evans, M. J., Lewis, A. C., Hashimoto, S., Mukai, H., Tanimoto, H., Tohjima, Y., and Saito.

Measurement report: Assessment of Asian emissions of ethane, propane, carbon monoxide, and NOx based on observations from the island of Hateruma

Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 2022.

Kanako Sekimoto, Matthew M. Coggon, Georgios I. Gkatzelis, Chelsea E. Stockwell, Jeff Peischl, Amber Soja, Carsten Warneke.

Fuel-type Independent Parameterization of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Western US Wildfires

Environmental Science & Technology, Volume 23, issue 10, 2023.

Yuto Nishikido, Kanako Sekimoto.

Analysis of Volatile Esters and Alkanoic Acids by an Atmospheric Pressure Corona Discharge Ionization Collision-Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry in Positive-Ion Mode: Ionization, Fragmentation Patterns, and Discrimination between Isomeric Compounds

Mass Spectrometry, Volume 12, 2023.

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