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Nagano Group

"Estimation of environmental response functions driving BVOC emissions"

Research representative

Atsushi Nagano

(Keio University Specially Appointed Professor/
RyukokuUniversity professor)

Member of a research project


Kazufumi Yazaki (Kyoto University,Professor)​

Ryosuke Munakata  (Kyoto University, Assistant Professor)

Koji Iwayama  (Shiga University, Associate Professor)

Research collaborator

Kenji Fukushima (University of Wurzburg, group leader)​

Hidetoshi Matsui(Shiga University・Professor)​

We have demonstrated that temperature, light, and the circadian clock significantly affect gene expression in plants under natural environments by analyzing transcriptome data from over 10,000 field-grown plants. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that systematically acquiring learning data regarding these variables effectively estimates environmental response functions.

   Based on this knowledge, we will estimate the environmental response function of BVOC synthesis and release and clarify the molecular basis of its diversity. First, we will acquire gene expression and BVOC data under conditions where temperature, light, and circadian rhythms are systematically changed using a highly functional artificial climate device that can grow various plants, including trees. Accordingly, we will estimate an environmental response function that can be applied in various environments. Next, by comparing molecular phenology and BVOC measurement data in the natural environment, we will verify the accuracy of the environmental response function and correct it, making it possible to provide input to the chemical climate model. Furthermore, we will compare environmental response functions in multiple species, analyze gene functions using synthetic biological methods and biochemistry using model plants, and perform comparative evolutionary analyses of related genes. Through this analysis, we aim to elucidate the molecular basis supporting BVOC synthesis, release, and diversity.

Group overview

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