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Sekimoto Group

"Real-time measurement of multi-component BVOCs"


Research representative

Kanako Sekimoto

(Yokohama City University, Associate Professor)



Member of  a project


Takuya Saito  

(National Institute for Environmental Studies, Principal Researcher)

The type and quantity of BVOCs released by plants and their reaction behavior after release are substantially influenced by the environment, such as solar radiation and temperature. Therefore, the location and time of BVOCs emitted from trees are different within the forest, where sunlight is frequently blocked, and outside, under direct exposure to sunlight. Indeed, these emission patterns are thought to change from moment to moment. However, there have been no examples of such analysis to date.

   Therefore, we will conduct research targeting dominant tree species in forest ecosystems to investigate their BVOC emission characteristics and variation factors that depend on the vertical position of trees and to clarify the effects among plants and on the climate. We will grow trees in incubators that allow us to manipulate environmental conditions, and we will measure the rate at which BVOCs are emitted from these trees using a measurement system that can simultaneously analyze the mass of multiple components in real time. Furthermore, we will measure the concentration and velocity of BVOCs emitted from each vertical position of trees in natural forests over a long period. We will input this BVOC emission data into the climate model. Consequently, we aim to elucidate how BVOCs are emitted from specific parts of the trees and which conditions affect the climate.

Group overview

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