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Plant Molecular Phenology and Climate Feedbacks Mediated by BVOCs

Satake, A., Hagiwara, T., Nagano, A., Yamaguchi, N., Sekimoto, K., Shiojiri,K., Sudo, K.
Annual Review of Plant Biology, Vol.75, 2023


Threefold reduction of modeled uncertainty in direct radiative effects over biomass burning regions by constraining absorbing aerosols

Zhong, Q. R., Schutgens, N., van der Werf, G. R., Takemura, T., van Noije, T., Mielonen, T., Checa-Garcia, R., Lohmann, U., Kirkevåg, A., Olivié, D. J. L., Kokkola, H., Matsui, H., Kipling, Z., Ginoux, P., Le Sager, P., Rémy, S., Bian, H. S., Chin, M., Zhang, K., Bauer, S. E., and Tsigaridis, K.
Sci Adv, Vol.9, ARTN eadi3568, 2023


The Regional Aerosol Model Intercomparison Project (RAMIP)

Wilcox, L. J., Allen, R. J., Samset, B. H., Bollasina, M. A., Griffiths, P. T., Keeble, J., Lund, M. T., Makkonen, R., Merikanto, J., O'Donnell, D., Paynter, D. J., Persad, G. G., Rumbold, S. T., Takemura, T., Tsigaridis, K., Undorf, S., and Westervelt, D. M.
Geosci Model Dev, Vol.16, page4451-4479, 2023


The Time Scales of Climate Responses to Carbon Dioxide and Aerosols

Stjern, C. W., Forster, P. M., Jia, H. L., Jouan, C., Kasoar, M. R., Myhre, G., Olivié, D., Quaas, J., Samset, B. H., Sand, M., Takemura, T., Voulgarakis, A., and Wells, C. D.
J Climate, Vol.36, page 3537-3551, 2023


Variations of phytoplankton chlorophyll in the Bay of Bengal: Impact of climate changes and nutrients from different sources

Siswanto, E., Sarker, M. L. R., Peter, B. N., Takemura, T., Horii, T., Matsumoto, K., Taketani, F., and Honda, M. C.:
Front Mar Sci, Vol.10, ARTN 1052286, 2023


The worldwide COVID-19 lockdown impacts on global secondary inorganic aerosols and radiative budget

Sekiya, T., Miyazaki, K., Eskes, H., Bowman, K., Sudo, K., Kanaya, Y., and Takigawa, M.
Sci Adv, Vol.9, ARTN eadh2688, 2023


Asian dust-deposition flux to the subarctic Pacific estimated using single quartz particles

Nagashima, K., Kawakami, H., Sugie, K., Fujiki, T., Nishioka, J., Iwamoto, Y., Takemura, T., Miyakawa, T., Taketani, F., and Aita, M. N
Sci Rep-Uk, Vol.13, ARTN 15424, 2023


Continuous observations from horizontally pointing lidar, weather parameters and PM: a pre-deployment assessment for monitoring radioactive dust in Fukushima, Japan

Lagrosas, N., Okubo, K., Irie, H., Matsumi, Y., Nakayama, T., Sugita, Y., Okada, T., and Shiina, T.
Atmos Meas Tech, Vol.16, 2023


Formation of the North Atlantic Warming Hole by reducing anthropogenic sulphate aerosols

Kusakabe, Y., and Takemura, T.
Sci Rep-Uk, Vol.13, ARTN 8, 2023


Wildfire Hotspots Forecasting and Mapping for Environmental Monitoring Based on the Long Short-Term Memory Networks Deep Learning Algorithm

Kadir, E. A., Kung, H. T., AlMansour, A. A., Irie, H., Rosa, S. L., and Fauzi, S. S. M.
Environments, Vol.10, ARTN 124, 2023


Historical (1960–2014) lightning and LNOx trends and their controlling factors in a chemistry–climate model

He, Y. and Sudo, K.
Atmos. Chem. Phys., Vol.23, 2023


Implementation of HONO into the chemistry-climate model CHASER (V4.0): roles in tropospheric chemistry

Ha, P. T. M., Kanaya, Y., Taketani, F., Hernández, M. D. A., Schreiner, B., Pfeilsticker, K., and Sudo, K.
Geosci Model Dev, Vol.16, 2023


Air quality and urban climate improvements in the world's most populated region during the COVID-19 pandemic

Damiani, A., Irie, H., Belikov, D., Cordero, R. R., Feron, S., and Ishizaki, N. N.
Environ Res Lett, Vol.19, ARTN 034023, 2023


Interplay of Climate Change and Air Pollution- Projection of the under-5 mortality attributable to ambient particulate matter (PM2.5) in South Asia

Anita, W. M., Uttajug, A., Seposo, X. T., Sudo, K., Nakata, M., Takemura, T., Takano, H., Fujiwara, T., and Ueda, K.
Environ Res, Vol.248, ARTN 118292, 2023

DOI: 10.1016/j.envres.2024.118292

Effectiveness of emission controls implemented since 2000 on ambient ozone concentrations in multiple timescales in Japan: An emission inventory development and simulation study

Chatani, S., Kitayama, K., Itahashi, S., Irie, H., and Shimadera, H.
Sci Total Environ, Vol.894, ARTN 165058, 2023

DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.165058

The Emissions Model Intercomparison Project (Emissions-MIP): quantifying model sensitivity to emission characteristics

Ahsan, H., Wang, H. L., Wu, J. B., Wu, M. X., Smith, S. J., Bauer, S., Suchyta, H., Olivié, D., Myhre, G., Matsui, H., Bian, H. S., Lamarque, J. F., Carslaw, K., Horowitz, L., Regayre, L., Chin, M., Schulz, M., Skeie, R. B., Takemura, T., and Naik, V
Atmos Chem Phys,Vol.23,Page14779-14799,2023

An improved method for the highly specific detection of transcription start sites

Seki M, Kuze Y, Zhang X, Kurotani K, Notaguchi M, Nishio H, Kudoh H, Suzaki T, Yoshida S, Sugano S, Matsushita T, Suzuki Y.
Nucleic Acids Research, gkad1116, 2023

An ecological transcriptome approach to capture the molecular and physiological mechanisms of mass flowering in Shorea curtisii

Ahmad Husaini Suhaimi, Masaki J. Kobayashi, Akiko Satake, Ching Ching Ng, Soon Leong Lee, Norwati Muhammad, Shinya Numata, Tatsuya Otani, Toshiaki Kondo, Naoki Tani​,, Suat Hui Yeoh​.
PeerJ,Vol.11, 2023

Assessing the impacts of genetic defects on starch metabolism in Arabidopsis plants using the carbon homeostasis model

Shuichi N. Kudo, Carolina C. M. Bello, Anthony Artins, Camila Caldana, Akiko Satake.
Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Nov;20(208) 2023.
DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2023.0426


古田優生, 山口暢俊, 伊藤寿朗
アグリバイオ, 2023年12月号

Plant size, latitude, and phylogeny explain variability in global herbivory

Robinson ML et al. (Herbvar Network, including Yamawo A.)
Science 382 (6671), 2023.
DOI: 10.1126/science.adh8830

Wax on the surface of Phragmites australis leaves provides enemy-free space for the aphid Hyalopterus pruni

Yamawo A., Mukai H.
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2023.

Beyond heat waves: Unlocking epigenetic heat stress memory in Arabidopsis

Haruki Nishio, Taiji Kawakatsu, Nobutoshi Yamaguchi.
Plant Physiology, 2023.

SHI family transcription factors regulate an interspecific barrier

Fujii S, Yamamoto E, Ito S, Tangpranomkorn S, Kimura Y, Miura H, Yamaguchi N, Kato Y, Niidome M, Yoshida A, Shimosato-Asano H, Wada Y, Ito T, Takayama S.
Nature Plants, 2023.
DOI: 10.1038/s41477-023-01535-5

Fuel-Type Independent Parameterization of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Western US Wildfires

Kanako Sekimoto*, Matthew M. Coggon, Georgios I. Gkatzelis, Chelsea E. Stockwell, Jeff Peischl, Amber J. Soja, and Carsten Waeneke.
Environmental Science & Technology, August 23, 2023.

The transcriptional changes underlying the flowering phenology shift of Arabidopsis halleri in response to climate warming

Hideyuki Komoto, Ai Nagahama, Atsuko Miyawaki-Kuwakado, Yuki Hata, Junko Kyozuka, Yui Kajita, Hironori Toyama, Akiko Satake.
Plant, Cell & Environment, Sep 10, 2023.
DOI: 10.1111/pc

Transcriptional Regulators of Plant Adaptation to Heat Stress

Xuejing Wang, Wui Kiat Nicholas Tan, Fong Yi Chung, Nobutoshi Yamaguchi, Eng Seng Gan, Toshiro Ito.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol.24, 13297, 2023.

MIG-seq 法を用いたゲノムワイドSNP 分析による森林遺伝学研究

森林遺伝育種, 12巻, 2号, P.63-67, 2023.

First record of Thrixspermum annamense (Orchidaceae) from Iriomote Island, Ryukyu Islands, Japan, with discussions on its intraspecific taxonomy

Kenji Suetsugu, Shun K. Hirota, Koji Yonekura, Atsushi Abe, Yoshihisa Suyama and Tian-Chuan Hsu.
Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica, Vol.74, No.2, P1-9, 2023.

Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of the genus Nanocnide (Urticaceae) with particular attention to the Ryukyu Islands endemic N. lobata

Satoshi Aoki, Pan Li, Ayumi Matsuo, Yoshihisa Suyama, Motomi Ito.
Phytotaxa, Vol.607, No.1, P23-40, 2023.

Potential contribution of floral thermogenesis to cold adaptation, distribution pattern, and population structure in skunk cabbage

Mitsuhiko P. Sato, Ayumi Matsuo, Koichi Otsuka, Kohei Takenaka Takano, Masayuki Maki, Kunihiro Okano, Yoshihisa Suyama, Yasuko Ito-Inaba.
Ecology and Evolution, Vol.13,e10319, 2023.

Geographical genetic structure of Lespedeza cuneata var. cuneata in Japan: Necessity of genetic considerations in slope revegetation

Junichi Imanishi, Ayumi Imanishi, Yoshihisa Suyama, Yuji Isagi.
Landscape and Ecological Engineering,2023.

Phylogeography of the temperate grassland plant Tephroseris kirilowii (Asteraceae) inferred from multiplexed inter‑simple sequence repeat genotyping by sequencing (MIG‑seq) data

Tomoka Sakaba, Akiko Soejima, Shinji Fujii, Hajime Ikeda, Takaya Iwasaki, Hiroaki Saito, Yoshihisa Suyama, Ayumi Matsuo, Andrey E. Kozhevnikov, Zoya V. Kozhevnikova, Hongfeng Wang, Siqi Wang, Jae‑Hong Pak, Noriyuki Fujii.
Journal of Plant Research, Vol.136, P437-452, 2023.

Spiranthes minamitaniana (Orchidaceae), a new orchid species from Japan based on morphological and phylogenetic data

Kenji Suetsugu, Shun K. Hirota, Yoshihisa Suyama.
Phytotaxa,Vol.599, No.3, P139-149, 2023.

Spiranthes hachijoensis (Orchidaceae), a new species within the S. sinensis species complex in Japan, based on morphological, phylogenetic, and ecological evidence

Suetsugu K, Hirota SK, Hayakawa H, Fujimori S, Ishibashi M, Hsu TC, Suyama Y.
Journal of Plant Research,Vol.136, No.3, P333-348, 2023.
DOI: 10.1007/s10265-023-01448-6

Resurrection of Spicantopsis hancockii (Blechnaceae) as an endemic species to Taiwan -Reidentification of Spicantopsis in the Tokara Islands, Japan

Atsushi Ebihara, Shuichiro Tagane, Shun K. Hirota, Yoshihisa Suyama, Narumi Nakato, Li-Yaung Kuo.
Taiwania, Vol.68, No.2, P148-154, 2023.

Seasonal patterns of sugar components and their functions in branches of Fagus crenata in association with three reproduction events

Daisuke Kabeya and Qingmin Han.
Ecological Research,2023.

Elevated O3 threatens biological communications

Noboru Masuia , Kaori Shiojiri , Evgenios Agathokleousc , Akira Tania ,  Takayoshi Koike.
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, Volume 53, P.1982-2001, 2023.

The exposure of field-grown maize seedlings to weed volatiles affects their growth and seed quality

Yusuke Sakurai , Satomi Ishizaki , Shota Izumi ,
Takuma Yoshida, Kaori Shiojiri, Junji Takabayashi.
Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 14, 2023.

Contributions to the flora of Myanmar IX: five new distributional records of flowering plants from Chin State, Kachin State and Tanintharyi Region

Ai Nagahama, Takashi Sugawara, Mu Mu Aung, Axel Dalberg Poulsen, Kate E. Armstrong, Shuichiro Tagane, Nobuyuki Tanaka.
Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Series B (Botany), 49巻2号, P.49-55, 2023.

The evolutionary history of rice azaleas (Rhododendron tschonoskii alliance) involved niche evolution to a montane environment

Watanabe Yoichi, Ichiro Tamaki, Sang-Hun Oh, Atsushi J Nagano, Koichi Uehara, Nobuhiro Tomaru, Harue Abe.
Am J Bot, Apr;110(4), 2023.
DOI: 10.1002/ajb2.16166

The detailed population genetic structure of the rare endangered latid fish akame Lates japonicus with extremely low genetic diversity revealed from single-nucleotide polymorphisms

Takuya Naito, Kouji Nakayama, Hirohiko Takeshima, Yasuyuki Hashiguchi, Tetsuya Akita, Yo Y. Yamasaki, Tappei Mishina, Naohiko Takeshita, Atsushi J. Nagano & Hiroshi Takahashi.
Conservation Genetics, 24, P.523–535, 2023.

Genetic population structure of the precious coral Corallium japonicum in the Northwest Pacific

Hiroki Kise, Akira Iguchi, Naoki Saito, Yuki Yoshioka, Koji Uda, Tomohiko Suzuki, Atsushi J. Nagano, Atsushi Suzuki, Nozomu Iwasaki.
Frontiers in Marine Science, Volume 10, 2023.

Genetic architectures of postmating isolation and morphology of two highly diverged rockfishes (genus Sebastes) 

Nozomu Muto, Takuma Kawasaki, Ryo Kakioka, Atsushi J Nagano, Yuta Shimizu, Shu Inose, Yohei Shimizu, Hiroshi Takahashi.
Journal of Heredity, Volume 114, Issue 3, Pages 231–245, May, 2023.

Apoplast-Localized β-Glucosidase Elevates Isoflavone Accumulation in the Soybean Rhizosphere

Hinako Matsuda, Yumi Yamazaki, Eiko Moriyoshi, Masaru Nakayasu, Shinichi Yamazaki, Yuichi Aoki, Hisabumi Takase, Shin Okazaki, Atsushi J Nagano, Akito Kaga, Kazufumi Yazaki, Akifumi Sugiyama.
Plant and Cell Physiology, Volume 64, Issue 5, P.486–500, May, 2023.

Induction of leaf curling in cassava plants by the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)

Shun-ichiro Takano, Yoshinori Utsumi, Atsushi Nagano, Satoshi Takahashi, Akihiro Ezoe, Motoaki Seki, Thi Xuyen Le & Keiji Takasu.
Applied Entomology and Zoology, 58, P.279–290, 2023.

Multiple colonizations and hybridization of a freshwater fish group on a satellite island of Sulawesi

Ixchel F. Mandagi, Bayu K. A. Sumarto, Handung Nuryadi, Daniel F. Mokodongan, Sjamsu A. Lawelle, Kawilarang W.A. Masengi, Atsushi J. Nagano, Ryo Kakioka, Jun Kitano, Satoshi Ansai, Junko Kusumi, Kazunori Yamahira.
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Volume 184, July, 2023.

Genetic differentiation and evolution of broad-leaved evergreen shrub and tree varieties of Daphniphyllum macropodum (Daphniphyllaceae)

Watanabe Yoichi, Sae Matsuzawa, Ichiro Tamaki, Atsushi J. Nagano & Sang-Hun Oh.
Heredity, 2023.

A low-coverage 3' RNA-seq to detect homeolog expression in polyploid wheat

Jianqiang Sun, Moeko Okada, Toshiaki Tameshige, Rie Shimizu-Inatsugi, Reiko Akiyama, Atsushi J Nagano, Jun Sese, Kentaro K Shimizu.
NAR Genom Bioinform,2023

A low-coverage 3' RNA-seq to detect homeolog expression in polyploid wheat

Jianqiang Sun, Moeko Okada, Toshiaki Tameshige, Rie Shimizu-Inatsugi, Reiko Akiyama, Atsushi J Nagano, Jun Sese, Kentaro K Shimizu.
NAR Genom Bioinform, Jul 12, lqad067
DOI: 10.1093/nargab/lqad067
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